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Cleveland Tapping Machines

Special Custom Built Machines

Eight Station Rotary Index Machine This special Cleveland eight station index machine produces aluminum gas meter bodies. Machine operations performed are:
  1. Drill two 3/8" holes, spot face four places to 3/4" diameter
  2. Mill valve face
  3. Tap (17) holes
  4. Drill (2) #29 holes, spot face (1) hole 1/4" diameter
  5. Tap (13) 1/4 - 20, (2) 8 - 32,
Cleveland Tapping Machines Custom 8 Station Rotary Index machine and (1) 1/2 - 20 holes. The machine is loaded manually every 24 seconds and produces 120 pieces per hour at 80% efficiency. The operator is able to attend other machines during the cycle period.
Cleveland Tapping Machines Custom 8 Station Rotary Index machine
Cleveland Tapping Machines Custom 6 station, 10 spindle, dial index machine

High Petormance Equipment with Parts Handling Automation
Six station, 10 spindle, dial index, Union End advanced technology machine. Production varies with size up to 1200 pieces per hour. Machine hollow mills (rough and finish), reams, recesses, taps and threads, both male and female ends, simultaneously.

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