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ERCO Forming and Flanging Machine

Model 1447-6DT foot operated


ERCO Model 1447-6DT Sheet Metal Shrinking Stretching Machine Originally developed for use in the aircraft industry on aluminum parts, the 1447-60T is now widely used by the entire metal working industry because of its ability to:
  • Remove wrinkles and fit sections normally formed in presses or drop hammers.
  • Form rolled, extruded and formed angles and tees.
  • Produce double curvatures from flat sheets.
The machine performs efficiently on most metals. The Model 1447-60T combines shrinking and stretching capabilities into one unit and provides the following advantages:
  • Eliminates time consuming hand de-wrinkling and hammering operations.
  • Eliminates expensive form blocks and special anvils.
  • Increases work output and reduces operator fatigue.
  • Eliminates use of special dies or presses in forming various shapes and contours on angles, tees and other sections.
  • Gold-worked material results in higher material strengths.
The Model 1447-60T, ideal for short production runs and prototype work, requires little floor space in assembly or manufacturing areas. For longer production runs, the TGE-ERGO Model 312BOT power shrinker/stretcher is more effective. A Model 1447-120T (12" throat) footoperated machine is also available.

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