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About Us

Contract-machining was established in 1988.

Serving the world’s most demanding applications where reliability is essential, our products have stood the test of time in Naval Nuclear Propulsion, Catapult Launch & Recover Systems, Sub Safe, and Sea Water Systems.

The product range extends to all the high strength alloys, corrosion resistant materials, and valve styles needed to support mission critical system operations.

Major customer concentration: 

2nd tier Us Navy. Manufacturing Industry Machinery such as Water Treatment and Commercial Cleaning Equipment. Where we developed extensive experience in the fabrication and welding of stainless steels, carbon steel and nickel-based alloys. 

The majority of this experience has been applied in aerospace, military, nuclear, and separation equipment fabrications. 

 2nd tier General Motors. Over a decade spent on manufacturing Rolling Mill machines both 2Hi and 4Hi roll configurations, and mills may be either work roll driven, back-up roll driven, or a combination of both. On one end of the spectrum, 4Hi Rolling Mills with work rolls are offered as small as .500″ (12.7mm) in diameter. On the large end of the spectrum, 2Hi Rolling Mills are offered with rolls up to 16″ (400mm) in diameter. 

 2nd tier Aerospace tooling since 1989. We were a sole manufacturer of innovative tooling solutions to airline balancing problems.

Satisfied customers include: GE Aircraft Engines, Rolls-Royce plc, Pratt and Whitney Aircraft Engines.

Concentrating on the Complex large part machining market segment.