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Terms and Conditions

Prices quoted are subject to change without notice unless otherwise provided. Prices quoted above do not include special requirements that may be set forth in customers purchase order pertaining to prints, tolerances, paintings and other conditions of acceptance for equipment, prices do not include demonstration and instruction and customers plant. This can be provided on a per diem basis plus travel and expenses. Machines require special rigging for transportation and installation are quoted FOB our factory floor. Any taxes arising out of any order for this equipment have not been included and remain the responsibility of the buyer.

Factory testing of completely tooling machines include the running of up to one hour production of one type and size for customers examination and or observation. Prepared work peace blank and perishable tools or to be furnished at customer’s expense. Any production figures quoted are estimated based on 100% efficiently unless otherwise stated,with our understanding of the limits of accuracy and finish required, machinability of the material, and amount of material to be removed.

Delivery will be confirmed at time and order is placed and entered and is dependent on prompt receipt of the approved sample. With certified word piece drawings showing conditions of blank with operations and tolerances required, and electrical line current available for the equipment. Any delay in receiving the foregoing may adjust the delivery schedule and delivery promises

We reserve the right to deviate from the job description of the equipment quoted as may be dictated by engineering and development where such a deviation will augment the utility of the machine. Purchasers additions of revision of tolerance, design, process or equipment will be at buyer’s expense. Cancellation of any order cannot be made without our consent and then only on terms that will indemnify Salform against loss.